Thursday, January 19, 2012



Change can be a very scary thing. It can also be a very exciting.  How you handle it depends on the type of person you are I guess.

For the most part, change excites me and I like to think I am the kind of girl that can go with the flow.  Roll with the punches, be relaxed, calm, easygoing…

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m not really like that, not most of the time anyway.  I have OCD tendencies. I can admit it.  Sure I can be relaxed & easygoing sometimes, like when I’m sleeping. 
For the most part, I like routine. I like control and I like having roots.   
Having said that – I have driven big changes in my life before, and am not afraid to do it again if it means the right thing for my family. I think your focus in life changes when you have a child. We (Bill & I) have always been very family focused, but now we have our own little family of three (+ Lola the cat) it has changed slightly again. 

Bill & I have always dreamt of having a property with a little bit of land, some nice views, a willow tree by a creek and a lovely house settled in the middle to call home.  Somewhere to raise our children where they could have a little bit of what we had – space to roam & hopefully an animal or two to feed.  FREEDOM. Unfortunately for us, those things are not available to us where we currently live. Well they are, but they are simply unaffordable for us.  Seeing as it doesn’t look like I am going to win lotto anytime soon, something has to give. 

The older you get, the more you realise that the dream is becoming unobtainable.  You either need to settle for what you have (and we have a lot to be thankful for) or you need to get your ass into gear in order to achieve it.  That is where we are at right now – asses into gear.  I call it a crossroads, others may call it crazyness.  We’ve decided to jump head first into a new city & community, 4 hrs from home.  It is exciting, but it’s also hard to be excited around those you are leaving – who may not share your enthusiasm.  I don’t want to be misconstrued,we are excited about our prospects for the future, we are not excited about leaving our family and friends.  We LOVE where we live right now and the people we are surrounded by, but it’s time to move on.

We moved home from Canada to be close to my family.  Taking Aiden away from that is very difficult.  But sometimes you have to be brave and make the jump.  No guts no glory.  I also strongly believe that you get out what you put in – staying in touch is important, making effort is important. You can’t live far away from your family without being willing to spend time ensuring your kids don’t miss out.

I have a fridge magnet on my fridge that reads ‘As long as we’re together, the rest will fall into place’.  That is going to become my mantra over the next few months as we take on this huge change in our lives. 

Here we come Taranaki, I hope you’re ready!

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  1. Wonderful Justine. Best of luck to you all. It will all turn out perfectly. It can be no other way :) In my experience, the biggest risks in life bring the best rewards. I am thrilled for you. Love to you all xox Kirsty