Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Good Life

We did it!  We took the plunge and did what many thought was crazy - moved 5 hours away from our safety net to beautiful Taranaki.  So far I have to say there are no regrets. 

We have been in our new home for a grand total of 21 days.  I know it’s 21 days exactly because the cows told me.  No, I haven’t gone completely mad.  The day we moved in there was a healthy heard of cows in the paddock right beside our property (which provided no end of entertainment for Aiden).  Later that day, Fred the farmer next door, popped by on his bike to introduce himself and welcome us to the community.  I thanked him for putting the cows next to us that day and he told us to enjoy it as they wouldn’t be back for another 21 days. 
I scored brownie points by using my limited farming knowledge, saying ‘so you’re on a 21 day pasture rotation are you?’.  And just like that, I was in.  Fred honks his horn on his honda every time he scoots across the paddock.

Today the cows are back… 21 days later. You aren’t in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

The house and property really are lovely.  We feel there is magic in the air here at Kitford Cottage (note to self: where does the name kitford come from?)  We are very fortunate to have been blessed with clear blue sky days pretty much since arrival, so maybe that has something to do with it. Everything looks better in sunshine.  I love being able to see the mountain every day from the house, and while we’re out and about. It is such a perfect mountain and great landmark.  I must say I have become slightly obsessed with it and find that I seek it out wherever I am. 

We’re enjoying veges from our garden, apples and lemons from the trees and strawberries from the strawberry patch.  We really are living the good life.  All helped by the fact that Bill is not working yet, so he gets to be at home during the day and potter around doing things when he's not job hunting.  I think maybe Aiden is the happiest of all though.  He has taken to carrying his gumboots to the back door in the mornings and tapping on the door.  Once outside he giggles and laughs as he runs around the backyard kicking his favourite soccor ball. Make sure you have a look at the album at the top of this entry to see him in all his glory.  He is quite the explorer and likes roaming around independently, waving 'bye bye' as he wonders off to investigate some corner of the yard.   It makes us so happy to watch him here, to see him enjoying the life we wanted so much for him. 

The move has been a big adventure, but life is now settling back to normal. A new normal. Some things don't change of course, I still have work, there are bills to pay and we're a single income family for now - so life is not without it's stresses.  I am starting to miss my weekly visits from my sister and niece Jami, and the regular contact and get togethers with the coffee group mummy’s and babies. I miss you guys.  I would be a lucky girl indeed if I found another group as good as you!  One can hope.

For now I am happy getting back into routine after my time off, hanging with my boys and exploring our new home.  Work is also very busy with  new projects and interesting things at present, so that helps. 

My next priority will be making friends for both Aiden & I. Bill has already met almost all the residents of Norfolk Road, but I’m a bit slower. We are going to playcentre on Monday though, so wish us luck! 

kitford cottage

Our house & Mt Egmont


  1. Who cares about months when you can measure time in 21 day cycles. Love the slide show!

  2. Oooh I love this! So happy for you all! Can't wait to be able to visit! And what spectacular views! xxx

  3. Awesome picture. And good post. Love it

  4. Thank you! I may be in touch about a necklace, we are looking for a good quality one for Aiden. I've heard they help with ezcema too!