Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Brave Mummy

It turns out that my blogging is sporadic at best and is not one of the talents I thought I would have as a mother. Turns out, there is too much other stuff to do.  Who knew? I have a very full on toddler at the moment that I love spending time with, so I make no apologies for the lack of blogging.

Just as I did with my diary when I was 14 years old, I write when I feel I have something worth writing about.  Back then it was boys. Now it’s one boy, one very cute little boy!  Some things never change I guess. 

Life ticks along as it does, and time seems to go by so quickly.  Aiden is growing at such a rapid rate I have to remind myself to stop what I’m busy doing and enjoy sometimes. 

Worth writing about for me at the moment is bravery. I thought I was the meaning of the word ‘brave’ for a few months there.  Everyone would say ‘oh my goodness, you’re moving all that way, how BRAVE'!’. 
Yes, I guess it was brave in a way, but over the past few weeks I have watched a friend who I now know to be the true meaning of BRAVE deal with an event in her life that would surely make me fall to a million pieces.

On facebook on a random Thursday I read my friend Marika’s status update:

“Charlotte needs your thoughts and prayers please. She has leukemia”.
Charlotte is her daughter, she is two years old.

As a mother, I fell to pieces on the spot.  I just can not imagine that happening to my baby.  It really shook me and I didn’t get much sleep that night.

Gorgeous little Charlie, diagnosed just two weeks before her 2nd Birthday.  She has been through a lot in a month – as have her parents and family. 
She has started chemo, had a bone marrow sampling operation, a blood transfusion and many hours spent at Starship (I’m sure my list doesn’t cover it).  Thankfully, Charlie was diagnosed with the ALL variety, which gives her a 90% chance of fully recovery.  I found myself staying up late a few nights researching and learning about what it all meant, hoping that I could then somehow relate or help.  I know that people go through this every day, they live it and fight all kinds of diseases, but this was a first for me. Someone in my circle with a sick child.

From that first post on Facebook, Marika has been this incredible tower of strength. Now I don’t doubt that she has her moments and has crumbled more than once, but the positivity and sheer determination of this woman has really left me absolutely floored (you have really inspired me Marika, honestly). I read her comments and they make me smile, because I really believe the best weapon that Charlie has is her Brave Mummy.  
Please note that Daddy JJ has also been kicking some serious leukemia ass!

The gorgeous Marika & Charlie

If I ever need faith in the human race, I’ll just go visit Marika’s facebook page. From videos of her sister at the hospital trying to keep up with Charlie and her IV drip (that’s my favourite), to the newsletter her Mum has been doing, and the COUNTLESS posts and outpouring of love from all her family & friends.  You can’t help but feel the positive in a bad situation. 
I feel like part of the cheerleading squad that is standing behind you and helping you to fight this for your little girl.  In an odd way, it’s a real sense of community in an unexpected place, showing that facebook is a powerful tool.

Charlie at Starship Hospital, still smiling.

Marika - It’s going to be a long road, no doubt, but one that is lined with people ready to support you the next time you’re not feeling so brave.  You and JJ are doing a really great job, you can see that in Charlie, she’s such a sweet kid! 

To anyone reading this who can -  GIVE BLOOD.  You never know when you or your loved ones will need it.

And lastly, hug your kids. Play with them, love them, keep them as safe as you can and don’t sweat the small stuff.


  1. Bawling my eyes out. I'll be thinking of this little girl and her family every day until they get the final all clear. xxx

  2. That's the idea Jess, the more positive thoughts and prayers the better for Charlie! x

  3. You write well Justine. All the best to Charlie and her amazing family. xx

  4. Great Post Justine. Brave is the perfect word. I too will be thinking of them and wishing gorgeous Charlotte a full and speedy recovery :-)Leone